Exclusive Extracts Grape Cookies Shatter

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Exclusive Extracts has quickly become one of the leading producers of shatter in Canada with their meticulous attention to detail and long pursuit of perfection. From humble beginnings, to being a nationally-recognized brand, Exclusive Extracts has maintained their standards and kept their promise to provide Canadians with true strain-specific concentrates and un-adultered shatter. Their passion for cannabis and the abundance of craft-grown flowers in British Columbia have allowed them to turn the labours of their love into a lifestyle. This BC-based team prides themselves in creating strain-specific shatter from AAAA+ BC grown bud to ensure all their products retain their original terpene profiles and delicate cannabinoid structures. Exclusive Extracts Grape Cookies Shatter is processed using real phenotype-specific nug runs and medical-grade distilled butane before being purged for over 120 hours.

CONSISTENCYShatter/Snap & Pull
HYBRID PHENOTYPEGrape Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Grape Kush)
TASTESweet, Berry, Grape, Vanilla & Fruity
EFFECTSUplifted, Euphoric, Relaxed, Creative & Hungry
MEDICINAL EFFECTSAnxiety, Stress, Depression, Fatigue & Insomnia

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