Panaeolus Africanus


Magic Mushrooms

Panaeolus Africanus are a species of small brown mushrooms with varying levels fo both psilocybin and psilocin. Because of the irregular levels of both hallucinogenic compounds, many avid magic mushroom users have classified this as one of the easiest-going strains for beginner usage or those with zero experience dealing with psychedelics. Native to central Africa, they are most commonly found around southern Sudan, where the climate is ideal for supporting the natural growth of magic mushrooms. Panaeolus Africanus can be recognized by its’ short, stubbier frame and wavy brown caps. Easy on the palette, when eaten has the regular bitter taste of mushrooms that can be tolerable when ate alone and even better when mixed in with food. Although this particular strain of magic mushrooms may not be the most potent or long-lasting, the experience overall ranges from 4-8 hours with regular peaking periods. Many enjoy Paneolus Africanus and revere its’ moderate effects that can be euphoric, giggly and social, making it great to enjoy with friends or in nature. Not one to overwhelm the senses with visual and auditory hallucinations, Panaeolus Africanus boasts modest sensations that are fun and enjoyable without being too staggering or mind-boggling.

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